Welcome to Studyheights

Study Heights Homes is a dynamic online marketplace that offers an exclusive range of boarding homes, rentals, and homestay for the international student community. We enlist families and individuals who are keen on hosting international students during their study tenure. Hosting international students is a great approach to learn about the different customs and traditions prevailing around the world

How SHJ Works?

Study Heights Jobs is a fast-growing student job network. We help students around the globe to find their dream job with the help of smart match technology. Employers can now rely on us to get them the top candidate for the vacancy at your enterprise.

List a job

Employers can create a company profile. From the dashboard, add a listing and fill in the form with the required fields. The listing goes live on submitting, and you get access to instant profiles and candidates

Manage interests and applications

Study Heights maintains the record of study and work experiences of candidates applying for jobs. SHJ helps employers filter out unwanted applications and help them save on time.

A single page uniform CV for all applicants

A unique feature provided by SHJ is a single page uniform CV for all employers to help you go through the applications faster and focus on the skills required to find the best match for the job.

Make a decision

Review the applications with smart tools and select the right person for the job

Premium features available

Premium features include but are not limited to hiring top graduates from colleges and universities around the globe.

Who Can use it


Can use the SHJ to look for a temporary job related to their field of study or interest and supplement their financial needs while earning good experience on their way.


Can use the SHJ to tap into the network of qualified students that can work for you while they complete their education or as soon as they complete their study courses.

Employer's Frequently Asked Questions

Study Heights Jobs is a year-round job placement service for all tertiary education students looking for work to benefit their financial needs. SHJ has a huge employer database of students and professional organizations that are always looking for students.Which students use the SHJ? We have a massive assortment of tertiary students that use the Study Heights Jobs, from approved tertiary institutes, colleges, and universities. These students can use SHJ just before they begin their studies, right throughout their tertiary education, and even after completing their course of study.

Study Heights Jobs welcomes all employers with a job to offer that may suit an interim-tertiary student or a recent tertiary graduate. We host many international students academic profiles to suit a vast range of roles for the required employee. We help you recruit for One-Off jobs; Part-time jobs, Fixed term jobs; Casual jobs; Summer jobs; Contractual jobs; and permanent full-time work for recent graduates.